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Rates 2018

Private lessons cost between £135 and £160 per half term for a weekly 30 minute private lesson. Rates vary between experience of teacher.

Ask about our cost effective 3 student lesson option, which will be held over 60 minutes, 20 minutes each. The cost of this option will range between £100 and £120 per half term. The benefit of this is you also get to absorb what is being taught to the other two students. Please indicate if you are interested in this option. 

Group lessons:
Students and parents can choose from 3 weeks (ie fortnightly) up to 6 weeks (ie weekly) of group lessons in a half-term, and can decide which weeks to attend. Group lessons are 50 minutes in length and occur on Wednesdays and Saturdays, with the option to choose one of those days.

3 weeks: £75 per half term
4 weeks: £95 per half term
5 weeks: £109 per half term
6 weeks: £119 per half term

London Suzuki Group or British Suzuki Institute Membership

Students join either the London Suzuki Group or the British Suzuki Institute. Both exist to give your child opportunities that your individual teacher would not be able to provide on their own. By uniting children of the same ability level throughout the region we are able to provide workshops, concerts, master classes and music courses of a high standard.

Joining is the start of a musical journey that often lasts for a long time.  Many members think that after several years of membership the group starts to feel like an extended family.

For further details on joining visit www.londonsuzukigroup.co.uk and www.britishsuzuki.org.uk

Concerts, camps, and other

At the end of each term there will be a concert (gold coin donation to cover costs) at the Chiswick or Barnes Rocks Lane centres. Details of this will be provided in the advance timetable sent to parents at the start of each half term. Children also have the opportunity to join holiday camps, master classes, and other concerts held by the London Suzuki Group and British Suzuki Institute (see above). 

Instrument hire

We recommend Stringers Music for all your instrument hire and purchase needs. Visit http://www.stringersmusic.com

Suzuki Books

The British Suzuki Institute Music Shop sells all Suzuki repertoire, phone 020 3176 4172 or e-mail musicshop@britishsuzuki.com.