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Bridge Suzuki Music is a group of dedicated Suzuki trained violin teachers with an emphasis on fun, friendliness, and inclusiveness. 

Toby Walker

Teacher and Founder

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Peter Colchester


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Charlotte Clemson

Teacher and consultant

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Irene Ramos
Irene Ramos


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Our philosophy

We understand the importance of empowering you the parent to help your child,  particularly if you are not experienced yourself. For example, we will make a short instruction video each week to help you with the key skills to practise with your child at home. Like maths and English, there is no magic button to learning the violin - but we can help you as much as possible. 

We are big believers in the power of ensemble. Part of the Suzuki group ethos involves playing the Suzuki pieces in unison - which has many benefits and we do as well. But for a child to experience playing in a multi-part ensemble we believe is what really gives them the buzz. We will always have an experience appropriate ensemble piece on the go for concerts at the end of term. 

We always want to make our lessons fun. Always. We believe we do - come and watch one of our groups to find out for yourself!